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Must Reads for the Week of May 16

NewspaperThis week the gender gap in the film and journalism industries took centre stage while a study of the online marketing industry revealed evidence of gender bias.

The UN report on aboriginal women and girls in Canada called for urgent action while the RCMP released its Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women report.

Men were reminded of ways feminism has made their world a better place while a great TED talk at the York University this week challenged today’s concept of ‘manhood’.

Two great articles, one of a woman’s experience of just walking and the other of the discrimination of trans women in women’s colleges were very thought provoking.

If you have an article or story that you think we missed, share it in the comment section.

  1. The head of Cannes film Festival jury, Jane Campion, talks about the inherent sexism in the film industry.
  2. The UN report on aboriginal women and girls warns of crisis in Canada while today the RCMP released its Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women report.
  3. Here are 23 Ways Feminism Has Made the World a Better Place for MEN.
  4. After a decision to reject a bikini photo of weight loss blogger, Shape Magazine will publish Those Erroneously Rejected Bikini Photos.
  5. A woman speaks of her powerful experience of walking. “everything has risks,” but “walking while fat and female – that’s apparently the riskiest of all.”
  6. Gender bias exists! An eye opening study reveals quantifiable evidence of gender bias in the online marketing industry.
  7. Do women’s colleges really need to discriminate against trans women because of federal guidelines? An excellent read.
  8. A TED talk by Jeff Perera at York University called “The ladder of manhood”.
  9. The Strengths and weaknesses of #BringBackOurGirls.
  10. Gender Gap in Journalism Continues with Firing of Jill Abramson.

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