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Must Reads for the Week of May 2

Newspaper This week, we heard from a woman who is speaking up about the importance of supporting women in skilled trades. And other women who are furious that the media insists on calling rape "non consensual sex".

We learned that the cases of missing and murdered Aboriginal women may be much, much higher than estimated. And that some judges are making HORRIBLE decisions when it comes to sentencing for convicted rapists.

And we were heartbroken to learn that 234 girls have been kidnapped and forced into marriage in Nigeria.

And finally, women's lack of success has been shown to not be about the lack of confidence in asking, but about the fact that there is still a bias towards women in many industries.

If you have an article or story that you think we missed, share it in the comment section.

  1. 13 snarky headlines about women – now new and improved!
  2. Deep-seated bias, not lack of confidence, knocks women off the path to success
  3. RCMP have uncovered data that shows there may be 1,000 missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada. And our federal government is still refusing to hold an inquiry.

  4. Kate Campbell, who attended a women in skilled trades program, funded in part by your support, is speaking out about the need for women in carpentry

  5. When you call rape anything but rape, you are just making excuses for the rapists.

  6. A judge in Texas thought that sentencing a rapist to volunteer at a rape crisis centre as his punishment was a "great idea". And in Iowa, they let a rapist choose his own punishment.

  7. Nightmare in Nigeria: 234 girls stolen from their school and sold as child brides

  8. The Media Has a Woman Problem

  9. NFL Cheerleaders are making less than minimum wage. And a lot of people are ok with that.

  10. Women get rape threats. Men may get hate mail. They may even get threats of physical violence.

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