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Must reads for the Week of May 23

NewspaperFrom a blog about how we need more girls in movies – strong, smart, silly, funny girls – to children dressed up as influential women in history, this week was all about girls.

But don't forget about the women. New research has shown that women with exceptional grades are often being paid as much as their less academically successful male colleagues. Or in many cases, not being paid at all as women have been shown to be the highest percentage filling unpaid internship roles.

While the RCMP has released a report about the missing and murdered Aboriginal women, no action is being taken to end the violence.

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  1. We don't need more strong girls in movies (hint – the author believes what we do need is just more girls, strong, weak, smart, funny, just more girls.)
  2. Children depicted as women who have changed history.
  3. 10 ways you can help build a better world for girls from the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.
  4. With summer coming, there are lots of articles about how to get your "summer body". Here is a great post about how to tell if your body is bikini ready.
  5. A woman with perfect grades is worth the same as a man with a 2.0 average
  6. If you are a modern dad, you might just be a feminist!
  7. Unpaid internships have been a hot topic in the news and a new study shows that the majority of those unpaid interns are female.
  8. The RCMP has released a new report about the rate of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada. But this report will not do anything to end violence against Aboriginal women.
  9. “Modern slavery” of 21 million people is generating huge illegal profits for those behind it, a new report finds.
  10. How to teach children about friendship across gender lines

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