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Must Reads for the Week of May 30

NewspaperThis week we were saddened by the passing of the inspirational Maya Angelou. To honour her life, watch her reading of her “Still I Rise” poem. Then read 25 famous quotes to make you feel even prouder to be a feminist.

Discussions on the culture of violence and the ignorance towards the epidemic of violence against women is at full force. Read an article about NFL’s ignorance towards the issue and an article on why the #NotAllMen hashtag is counterproductive.

Girls are increasingly policed for what they wear in schools, as we learn from an Ottawa incident and a shocking story from Australia.

A fantastic article explains misogyny in the Geek community while 19 ridiculous sexist adverts from the present will make you cringe.

If you have an article that you think we missed, let us know in the comments section!

  1. In celebration of Maya Angelou’s life and the incredible mark she made in history as a poet, writer and activist, here is her poem “still I rise” reminding everyone they’re worth so much more.
  2. An excellent article on the culture of violence against women in response to the Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice’s violent act towards his wife was caught on camera.
  3. Why I No Longer Apologize for My Crutches” – a powerful article from a woman living with disability.
  4. Fantastic article on Internalized Misogyny within the Geek Community.
  5. Here are 25 famous quotes that will make you even prouder to be a feminist.
  6. 19 Ridiculously Sexist Adverts From the Present Day.
  7. Girls are still being policed in schools for what they wear and as this Ottawa school while an Australian mother is appauled after learning that a teacher shaved her teen daughter’s armpits in class.
  8. Phil Plait discusses why the #NotAllMen reaction to #YesAllWomen diverts away from the real conversation.
  9. Media Smarts released its latest report on Young Canadians’ Sexuality and Romantic Relationships in the Digital Age.
  10. Toronto may soon become the second city in Canada to provide specialized housing and support to young women escaping sexual exploitation and human trafficking.   

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