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Must Reads for the Week of May 9

Newspaper This week, the missing girls in Nigeria continued to dominate news, online and offline, with citizens, governments and NGOS stepping up to demand action. In Canada, our own government is still not taking any action in regards to the now 1,200 missing and murdered Aboriginal women.

Kids are re-defining gender norms and a dad is speaking out about the advice he wants his daughters to know.

And the debate continues on if women are having a harder time accessing start-up and entrepreneurial funding then men.

If you have an article or story that you think we missed, share it in the comment section. 

  1. The missing girls in Nigeria continued to dominate the headlines, with international bodies and governments around the world stepping up to demand that we #bringbackourgirls
  2. Great post about why women must stop using "I have a boyfriend" when approached by a man she is not interested in.
  3. 16 things this father wants his daughters to know right now. We love #14.
  4. Looking for something to do this weekend with your tween daughter? Here are 5 must-see movies.
  5. The RCMP has recently revealed that the number of missing and murdered Aboriginal women may be closer to 1,200. And the public is outraged.
  6. Beautiful Photo Series Shows How Kids Are Redefining Gender Norms
  7. Who is your male role model – Interview with the Pixel Projects Stu Chase about who influences him to speak up about violence against women.
  8. Are women entrepreneurs having a harder time accessing funding?  According to this female entrepreneur, the answer is yes. Read her stories of pitching for funding.
  9. Beastie Boys infamous song "Girls" gets a remake with some feminist lyrics.
  10. Is America really clueless about the meaning of rape?

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