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Must Reads for the Week of November 14

Newspaper stackThis week we read two studies by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – one on the progress of gender equality in Canada and the other on the real cost of child care in Canada’s big cities.

Women of colour are speaking out against racism and sexism within the workplace, legal system and society at large while a powerful read explains the ongoing ignorance for Aboriginal women’s lives in Canada.

  Watch a guy clearly annoyed by social ignorance, explaining the difference between feminism and humanism, and the new white house bystander focused anti-rape PSA.

Time is under the spotlight for a ridiculous decision to want to ban the word feminist while teen girls make a funny video against catcalling. 

If you have an article that you think we missed, let us know in the comments section!

  1. Teens make this funny anti-harassment video – More Cats. Less Cat Calls.
  2. The white house released a new anti-rape PSA focusing on bystanders.
  3. The Canadian Centre for policy alternatives released their new study measuring gender equality in Canada, and it seems that progress in this area has stalled.
  4. Students are fighting victim blaming with a new hashtag #MyAntiRapeFace
  5. A Canadian activist explains why Canada doesn’t hold the same value for the lives of Aboriginal women.
  6. Introducing Claudia Alexander who spent the last 15 years working on the NASA Rosetta spacecraft that landed on the comet.
  7. Being a black woman employee at Google is not fun’, writes Ezinne who shares her experience.
  8. What’s the real cost of child care in Canada’s big cities? Read the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative’s latest research.
  9. Time wants to ban the word feminist.
  10. Missing black women are usually ignored until they’re proved worthy. A powerful read.
  11. Watch this guy explain why feminism isn’t called humanism.

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