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Must Reads for the Week of November 14

Weekly ReadsIn yet more examples of victim blaming, a company makes Anti-Rape Underwear and India’s head of intelligence makes the comment that “If You Can’t Prevent Rape, You Enjoy It”.

See for yourself how google searches can be sexist and youth use new words like THOT (can you guess what it means?) to describe women.

A catholic academy tells young women “don’t wait for a prince” while DC and Marvel Comics announce two new women superheroes.

We remember 11 brave women who fought for peace in WWII and are awestruck by 18 survivors of sexual assault who fearlessly share their stories.

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  1. An all-female catholic college-prep academy in Kentucky created a feminist ad campaign that tells young women, “You’re not a princess” and “Life’s not a fairytale”. The point is to advise young women “Don’t wait for a prince” and “be able to rescue yourself”.
  2. We have talked a lot about victim blaming but this is new. India’s head of Intelligence learns a PR pointer, the hard way after comparing sports betting to rape and making the comment “If You Can’t Prevent Rape, You Enjoy It”. And don’t forget that you can buy your anti-rape underwear soon!
  3. This is both heartbreaking and incredibly powerful. 18 survivors of sexual assault tell the numbers behind their stories.
  4. A woman growing up in Paul Bernardo’s shadow, writes about being raped and remaining silent because she never learned how to protect herself but rather learned how to be afraid for her entire life. This is an excerpt from her new book Infidelity.
  5. With Remembrance Day having taken place on November 11, we thought this piece was especially relevant. 11 stories of brave women who fought for peace alongside men during WWII, like the Guerilla fighter Nancy Wake or the POW Nurse Reba Whittle.
  6. A girl writes about entering college and experiencing what she calls the “rape culture fatigue”.
  7. With our media buzz this week around body shaming, this article about what young girls love about their bodies is especially awesome!
  8. If you haven’t yet had the chance to check out the human trafficking video using information from our website, do it now!
  9. DC and Marvel Comics recently announced two new superheroes – and both of them are women!
  10. There has been a ton of discussion about a New Zealand group of male teens called the Roast Busters, whose sole purpose was to get girls drunk, rape them and then brag about it on social media. More information has been coming out, including that the police and teachers knew about the group but did nothing to stop it.
  11. Joss Whedon (who we posted a video of earlier this year), has caused some controversy over his talk about why he hates the word feminism. This spawned some great discussions online about the recent efforts to “rebrand” the word.
  12. A writer Learns what “THOT” stands for – “That Ho Over There” and how a church in New Jersey is engaging boys to seriously think of addressing violence against women.
  13. Video using Google autofills to remind us that sexism still exists.

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