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Must Reads for the Week of November 21

Weekly ReadsThis week, the internet exploded with stories, videos and graphics all about empowering and inspiring women and girls to reach for thier dreams.

From toys designed to encourage girls to consider STEM careers to incredible stories of young girls who are currently pursuing STEM careers, you can't help but be inspired.

Feministing took an interesting spin on a recent UN Women ad campaign; an unusual take on speaking out against sexual violence and the launch of a magazine that is highlighting real, un-retouched women!

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  1. Earlier this month, UN Women launched an ad campaign based on Google searches for women and they recently launched their TV ad.
    Feministing has since replicated the campaign
    but with searches for feminism.
  2. GoldiBlox, the toys designed with STEM and girls in mind is back with their new ad.
    While 99% of the comments have been positive, Ms. Magazine raised the excellent point that isn’t creating pink toys exclusively for girls, even if they are promoting engineering and science any better than the current culture? 
  3. A great comic that highlights why it is important to speak up about sexism and harassment.
  4. A blogger recently opened up about her experience with sexual assault. It is powerful and incredibly honest.
  5. Great article focusing on girls who are learning to code and another one about a 16 year old who is encouraging other girls to enter the field of neuroscience.
  6. On December 3, the Canadian Women’s Foundation will be taking part in #givingtuesday, which encourages people to support charities following the consumer driven US holidays of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This blogger wrote a great piece about what #givingtuesday means to her.
  7. The first non-photoshop magazine has launched! Great interview with the publishers and founders about why they decided to pursue this idea.
  8. A burlesque dancer recently posted a video of herself dancing to Katy Perry’s Roar to encourage body positivity.
  9. With the end of the year fast approaching, Forbes has a great piece about how end of the year lists are highlighting the lack of gender diversity in films.
  10. Huffington Post recently published a piece that talked about how the key to success in comedy writing is to make your gender irrelevant. Interesting read.

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