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Must Reads for the Week of November 21st

newspaper stackThis week we released our new study on the impact of youth mentorship on helping to build confidence in Canadian women. This study shows that having a positive mentor who offers non-judgemental support and helps identify unique strengths in a girl is key to building their confidence as they grow up.

Girls are pressured to pay more attention to their outward appearance, and to have less confidence in their ability to do well in ‘male dominated’ sectors like computer science and engineering.  The Barbie book “I can Be A Computer Engineer” is a perfect example of how girls are conditioned at an early age to believe they are unable to perform as effectively in male dominated fields as boys.

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  1. As some women are courageously coming forward with their stories of sexual assault by Bill Cosby, the lack of media and public’s understanding of sexual assault realities comes to light. Here is a good read, “Well, she didn’t act like a rape victim, Cosby edition."
  2. A look at how media writes women of colour.
  3. It’s a wonder there aren’t more Wonder Women. Why Hollywood should stop portraying women superheroes – when they’re portrayed at all – in demeaning roles. 
  4. How youth mentorship fosters confidence in Canadian women? An interview with our Manager of Girls’ Mentoring programs.

  5. In a study, 68% of Twitter users expressed approval or positive reinforcement of the thigh gap trend. Read more about “The Power of Social Media and the Thigh Gap Trap”.

  6. Mattel's new Barbie book, "I Can Be A Computer Engineer" has raised uproar for its incredibly sexist content.

  7. Barbi's book has a new narrative (thanks to online contributors) who changed the dialogue so that Barbie can (really!) be a computer engineer.

  8. Tech is still a man’s world. Why tech companies need to promote diversity.

  9. Why do men objectify women

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