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Must Reads for the Week of November 28

Must Reads

This week we enter the 16 days of action to end violence against women after celebrating the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on Monday, Nov. 25th.

Feminism is once again becoming a hot topic as a TedTalk about Feminism goes viral, a Huff Post explains there’s no typical feminist while Michelle Obama is labelled as a “bad feminist”. 

Sexism in professional sports is alive and an infographics shows us the absurd inequality in the film industry.

We are filled with hope after learning about 10 incredible girls who have changed the world and an article about how men can start a movement to stop violence against women.

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  1. Monday November 25th was the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women  (#IDEVAW) and kicked off the #16days of Action to end violence against women. Events are happening all over the country and twitter is alive with stats about violence against women at an amplified rate during this period. Status of Women Canada shared 16 facts and actions to end violence against women.

    And the Manitoba Women’s Advisory Committee also shares 16 ideas on how to take action end violence against women.

  2. Steubenville made headlines this week with more charges being laid – this time with 4 adults and school officials being charged with trying to cover up the case.
  3. Deconstructing and debating feminism has been another hot topic this week. Check out this TedTalk about how Feminism isn’t dead it’s just gone viral. Huffington Post talks about how there is no “typical feminist”.
    And of course, there continues to be a problematic trend of labelling some women “bad feminists” – the latest being Michelle Obama.
  4. This great read from the NY Times Opinion Pages asked “How can we jump-start the struggle for gender equality?
  5. We love infographics and this one paints the stark inequality in the film industry and how women are more likely to be half naked in film.
  6. Sports Illustrated debated the role of women in sports media where sexism is alive and well.
    In another example of professional sports and sexism –  Baseball player, David Price, incited a twitter backlash with his sexist holiday safety tip “Ladies let ur man drive”.
  7. In the Guardian Carlos Andres Gomez writes an article that fills us with hope: “Men: we can start a movement to stop violence against women”.
  8. This powerful ad (trigger warning) about human trafficking  stopped us in our tracks. (and note it’s happening in Canada too).
  9. Get inspired by this list of 10 teenage girls who changed the world.
  10. And speaking of inspiring, one retailer drew widespread applause for how they responded to racism. Well done Gap.

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