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Must Reads for the Week of October 24th

Newspaper stackThis week we learned that our friends at White Ribbon were targeted by a men’s rights group that set up a phony White Ribbon website. An analysis of a new study on online harassment helped us better understand this issue through a gendered lens.

A spoken word poet kept us glued to the screen with her ‘another rape poem’ while fashion industry’s use of white women models with faces painted brown was shocking.

A great article explained the need to address structural and attitudinal gender biases in the workplace while another article gave us a history lesson on the sexualisation of women’s bodies.

Let’s celebrate a forgotten woman of film history – Marion Wong – and have fun with these 17 feminist costume ideas for Halloween.

If you have an article that you think we missed, let us know in the comments section!

  1. New study released by Pew Research on online harassment with a gendered analysis.
  2. Dear fashion industry, we need to talk about blackface.
  3. Watch this spoken word poet explain the problem of those brushing rape survivors’ stories as another rape story through her poem – “another rape poem”.
  4. A historical timeline of the sexualisation of women’s bodies in advertisement & its relationship with what is considered to be ‘ideal beauty’.
  5. On why we need to address gender biases, whether structural or attitudinal, in the workplace.
  6. Marion Wong – the forgotten women of film history.
  7. White Ribbon organization was recently targeted by a men’s rights group who launched a copycat campaign. Read White Ribbon’s statement.
  8. Instead of banning yoga pants, schools should crack down on harassment.
  9. Here are 17 awesome feminist costume ideas for little girls. 

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