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Must Reads for the Week of October 25

NewsThis week, UN Women's new advertising campaign caused an uproar about equality globally based on Google searches.

Rape culture, revenge porn, street harassment and victim blaming once again topped headlines, in both a negative and positive way.

The Globe and Mail looked at what Canada needs to do to develop a national childcare strategy and what we can learn from the provinces that are already successful.

And human trafficking became more personal with a woman in the UK opening up about her experiences.

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  1. This week, the UN made a huge splash with this incredible new ad campaign featuring Google search terms. It shows we still have a lot of work left to do.
  2. Human trafficking was in the news this week with the story of a woman who had been trafficked. Sophie Hays, a UK resident, was trafficked in Italy by her boyfriend. She has recently released a memoir.
  3. Victim blaming and “women being the cause of rape” was once again making headlines, with Margaret Wente writing an awful column, inspired by Emily Yaffe’s Slate column last week, about how women shouldn’t drink or rape is basically their fault. Thankfully, there were many articles this week that reinforced that women are not to blame for being raped and that the only cause of rape is rapists. After a recent string of sexual assaults in Ottawa, Hollaback wrote an open letter reminding women it is never their fault. And then of course, this takedown of the police officer who claimed that “rape won’t end until women stop spreading their legs like peanut butter".
  4. The Globe and Mail is doing a 6-part series on the state of childcare in Canada. Given the number of single mothers living in poverty in Canada, this is an issue that is hugely connected to our work to help low-income women on their journey out of poverty.
    The first article looked at the state of daycare in Quebec, where many families pay only $7 a day.The second part made the case for better childcare based on political reasoning from the Throne Speech.The third part looked at how cities can help with childcare.The fourth part looked at unlicensed daycares and some of the issues surrounding them in Canada.The fifth part looked at examples from around the world and how Canada can use examples to implement in our own country. The final part looked at what both Quebec and PEI can teach the rest of Canada.
  5. Street harassment and catcalls have been getting a lot of attention lately. Ms. Blog recently wrote a great piece about how catcalls can turn dangerous. And a photographer recently did a series of portraits snapped moments after men catcalled her on the street.
  6. Huffington Post had a great article this week about how we can work together and what specific steps can be taken to help advance and encourage girls to consider a STEM career.
  7. Rape Culture has been top of mind for many. The Toronto Star had a great article about how language, actions etc. can all play into creating a rape culture in Canada.And our VP of Marketing Sandra Diaz published a piece on Huffington Post talking about #rapeface and how she talked to her 12 year old son about why language is so important, Salon featured an article about why naked images and photos contribute to rape culture, and how a recent flyer created by a Frat has opened up discussions of rape culture amongst college students.
  8. Revenge Porn has been a hot topic and Mashable has written a great piece about how the USA needs to strengthen their laws around those who post photos online without the “models” consent.
  9. A great piece about perceptions around gender and why we love angry men but dislike passionate women.
  10. Finally, this post from a teenage magazine editor gave me a huge amount of joy knowing that there are young, determined girls in the world who will make changes and that all of the issues we work on every day will continue to be fought.

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