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Must Reads for the Week of October 31

Apparently it's not working long hours or competing for that promotion that makes women miserable. Misery for woman comes in the form of failing to make that amazing apple pie. 

While one woman shares tips on how to deal with street harrasment, a large corporation lets their female employees know how to "behave" in the work place.

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  1. Happy Halloween! And with Halloween, comes costumes. This year’s theme seemed to be sexy “insert career or object here”. So the question that needs to be asked is how to have a non-sexist halloween. And on that same note, a woman has decided to only hand out candy to children she thinks are fit. The overweight kids are getting notes to their parents telling them to put their kids on a diet. Talk about body shaming!
  2. The Global Gender Equality Report was released this week and Canada is #20 – behind countries like Nicaragua, Britain, Iceland.
  3. Six celebrities who are not afraid to call themselves feminists (#4 might look familiar to those of us who attended the Calgary breakfast earlier this month)
  4. Etsy and Facebook have both started to take steps towards removing content that promotes violence against women.
  5. Joss Whedon’s 2006 acceptance speech for an Equality Now award is making the rounds. In it, he talks about his different answers to the constant question he gets asked “Why does he write strong female characters?” My personal favourite – "How is this even a question? Why aren't you asking a hundred other guys why they don't?"
  6. A US law firm recently sent out a memo to all its female employees reminding them not to giggle or squirm. It sent no memo to male employees.
  7. This 37 second video shows exactly why so many women and girls have an unrealistic expectation of body image and appearance.
  8. Victim blaming is still making the news but this article looks at the connection between alcohol and sexual assault. My favourite line “People don’t get raped because they have been drinking, because they are passed out or because they are drunk. People get raped because there is a perpetrator there — someone who wants to take advantage of them.” And this article speaks about how rape is really based on a sense of entitlement.
  9. Great advice on the steps you can take to address street harassment.
  10. A man wrote an article recently about how feminism is making women miserable and forcing them to join the workforce “like men” and that women should all go back to being housewives so that they are happy again. This is a great defence of why that statement is ridiculous.

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