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Must Reads for the Week of October 31st

Newspaper stackThis week the news about Jian Ghomeshi dominated media coverage and public discourse. We witnessed many instances of victim-blaming while as the week unfolded we witnessed what seems to be a raised level of public awareness about consent and the realities faced by sexual assault survivors. 

Yet, during this time many forget the impact such public discourse and media coverage has on survivors of sexual and physical assault across the country.  All of this can be triggering for many. If you or someone you know is experiencing violence there is help and support. Call the Assaulted Women’s Helpline for assistance or contact your local women’s centre for support, and see our tip sheets for resources,

If you have an article that you think we missed, let us know in the comments section!

  1. What kind of woman won’t report sexual assault?
  2. Infographic by YWCA Canada creates a clear picture of the reality of sexual assault cases in Canada.
  3. How media critic Anita Sarkeesian turned Stephen Colbert into a feminist.
  4. Why are some men so angry?
  5. Inspiration Porn: Why We Need to Stop Tokenizing Survivors.
  6. Watch this video of one woman who had 100 encounters of street harassment in a single day.
  7. People are dressing up (or dressing their kids) as Ray Rice for Halloween.
  8. I’m a Black Journalist. I’m quitting because I’m tired of newsroom racism.
  9. The FCKH8’s “F-Bomb Princess” video isn’t offensive – it’s exploitative.
  10. New study on the wage gap for female, Aboriginal and visible minority workers in Canada is startling.
  11. The massive feminist protest the English-speaking world completely ignored.

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