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Must Reads for the Week of September 12

Newspaper stackThe Ray Rice story continues to bring widespread public attention to the problem of domestic violence. Learn some of the facts about violence against women in Canada, understand why a woman might stay in a violent relationship, read on the warning signs of an abusive relationship, and download two tip sheets to help you learn more and take effective action.

In other news this week, a woman felt her looks didn't fit with various cultural standards of what's considered beautiful and wanted to see how her face would be transformed on the digital surgical table. See 18 Before and After photos from different countries.

Paulette Brown becomes the first black woman to lead the American Bar Association.

A new study estimates the cost of violence against women in Canada while an article argues the need for alternative economic measurement tools to increase gender equality.

A great article discusses how Marge Simpson raised Lisa to be a feminist and another article discusses some of the realities women face in their careers when deciding to become a mother.

Read Media Smarts' tips for parents in managing their kids media use and learn about 7 teacher resources to address gender equality in class.

If you have an article that you think we missed, let us know in the comments section!

  1. The facts about violence against women in Canada and tips sheets to help you take effective action.
  2. Just a few reasons why women might stay in abusive relationships and some warning signs of an abusive relationship.
  3. 25 countries received a photo of a bi-racial woman and were asked to manipulate her image in Photoshop to depict their own personal visions of beauty.
  4. Here are some Back to school tips from Media Smarts for parents in managing kids media use.
  5. An article explains why measuring the economy through GDP is problematic and provides an alternative measurement that could increase gender equality.
  6. The American Bar Association has elected Paulette Brown to lead its 400,000 members. She has become the first black woman to hold this position.
  7. How Marge Simpson Raised Springfield's Favorite Feminist.
  8. 7 Tips for Teachers that Address Gender Equality.
  9. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has published a new study estimating the cost of adult sexual assault and intimate partner violence in Canada.

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