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Must Reads for the Week of September 19

Anita Sarkeesian has been the target of online death and rape threats, which has brought the issue of online misogyny to greater light. Read why she earned a standing ovation and about a recent discovery of a bomb threat against her at an award show last year. Other women working in the gaming world have also experienced online misogyny, as one powerful article explains.

In Canada, Aboriginal women are using the hashtag I'm Not Next to pressure the government for an inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women.

Find out how the pay gap in the U.S. is shockingly different for women of color. Then read a great debate between two feminists on the future of the feminist movement.

See the ridiculousness that is photoshop slimming – a point made clear by applying it to classic paintings of female bodies.

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  1. What would happen if the most celebrated female bodies in Classic paintings were photoshopped to look slimmer?
  2. In response to the 'Am I Next' call by Aboriginal women in Canada, a new hashtag has sprung up – 'I'm Not Next' – removing a sense of victimhood while pushing Canada for an inquiry into the issue of missing and murdered Aboriginal women.
  3. A powerful read by a female video game maker who shares the 5 things she learned after becoming 'Internet's Most Hated Person'.
  4. A great read – a debate between two feminists about the future of the feminist movement.
  5. Students show solidarity by helping Columbia student, and rape survivor raising awareness about campus sexual assault, carry her mattress.
  6. A feminist gamer is fighting against online misogyny, and her speech earned her a standing ovation, while we just learned about a bomb threat last year at the gaming awards that was targeted to her.
  7. A chart explains how the pay gap is different for women of color in the U.S.
  8. Read this great explanation of why you shouldn't watch the Ray Rice video. 

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