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Must Reads for the Week of September 26

Newspaper stackThis week read about fraternity culture and blurred lines of consent, then watch a video calling out a YouTuber who is sexually harassing women.

Learn some of the reasons why 'leaning In' isn't enough for increasing women in leadership roles and learn about a new study on gender bias in movies today.

An article discusses how digital media has changed women's lives and another recognizes 10 powerful women in video games.

Our own Director of Violence Prevention discusses feminism and gender inequality in Canada while an essay by our Foundation discusses our vision for Canada in the future.

If you have an article that you think we missed, let us know in the comments section!

  1. 20 Facts Everyone Should Know About Gender Bias in Movies.
  2. Truth behind the YouTuber who is sexually harassing women and trying to pass it off as a social experiment to raise awareness.
  3. Watch our Director of Violence Prevention programs, Anuradha Dugal discuss gender inequality and feminism on Global TV.
  4. A powerful story about a brave woman confronting her rapist in court before he is sentenced. (note: some of the content may be disturbing to some viewers).
  5. A great article discussing the culture of fraternities, binge drinking and blurred lines on consent.
  6. Read this essay about the Canadian Women's Foundation's Vision for Canada.
  7. 'Lean In' Isn't Enough: Women's Progress In Leadership Has Stalled.
  8. Read about 10 powerful women in video games.
  9. A mother writes about how she responded to her 9 year old son telling a sexist joke.
  10. Suicide, not maternal mortality, now leading killer of adolescent girls.
  11. Read about the 8 ways digital media has changed women's lives.
  12. No, Third-Wave Feminism and Hookup Culture Aren't Responsible for Rape on Campus.
  13. A terrible story about Long Island high schoolers busted after appalling rape t-shirt joke

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