COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Must Reads for the Week of March 28

Weekly RoundupThis week, we were thrilled that journalists are starting to ask the question "what do we do to end rape culture", instead of "does rape culture exist?".

No makeup selfies have been sweeping the internet, supporting everything from breast cancer awareness to embracing inner beauty. But are they really working?

And with the rise in public awareness about the issues facing women and girls, many companies are starting to create empowering ads aimed at women. Many people question if they are effective or just offensive.


Sewing with Purpose

Two women sewing In a bright workspace near Vancouver Harbour, a woman sits at a sewing machine feeding lengths of fabric under the needle. On the table beside her, stacks of colourful street banners lie waiting to be transformed into handsome tote bags.

Welcome to Up to Speed, a unique social enterprise program that enables women to learn skills and earn income by creating environmentally sustainable products.  Old street banners in Vancouver are turned into striking and original tote bags by program participants, and sold for profit. 


Why I Support Women & Girls

Veni IozzoMy parents came to Canada from Italy in 1959 with only $13 in their pocket and unable to speak English. I often reflect back on those early days and wonder why I never felt deprived. I realize the sense of family security they gave me and my three sisters was a real gift. With this incredible support around me, I had the confidence I needed to achieve my goals.

This is why the work of the Canadian Women’s Foundation is so important to me. They know in order for a woman to move out of poverty, she needs a strong support system. In fact, their entire approach is designed to provide women with what they need to move forward.


Must Reads for the Week of March 21

Weekly RoundupThis week we laughed to a comical re-enactment of recent TV ads with gender roles reversed by Buzzfeed and watched the top 10 TED Talks women should see.

The culture of victim blaming was strongly demonstrated by an Illinois middle school that banned tight pants for female students as it distracted male students while a law school lectured women on dressing appropriately.

Aboriginal and First Nation people are sending a strong message to culturally insensitive folks via #notyourstereotype while 15 body positive messages for mothers and daughters made us smile.


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