COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

It’s Gender Equality Week. How are you pushing for change?

Women in a mask

This Gender Equality Week is unlike any before it. As we rebuild from the pandemic, we can centre gender equality in new ways.


Is Gender-Relevant Universal Basic Income Possible?

two Canadian $50 bills on a table

Universal Basic Income is not a new idea, but the conversation has come to the forefront due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here in Canada, advocates of a universal income pilot have argued that it would cost the government less than CERB benefits. 


Discussing our Feminist Futures with Elizabeth Renzetti

Journalist Elizabeth Renzetti

In a recent Facebook Live chat, we caught up with Elizabeth Renzetti, Globe & Mail columnist, author, and the winner of the 2020 Landsberg Award.


Stepping Into My Power

A woman writes with a pen

In a grade twelve writer’s craft class, I wrote the story of my experience of sexual violence. Looking back at it now, I can see that I was filled with so much animosity towards my loved ones. But after taking a year off school and attending therapy, I’ve been working on healing from one of my greatest traumas.


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