COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Raising Hope for Two Generations of Women

Son and his daughterSon is participating at the Vancouver Move for Hope event this Saturday, April 12, with his colleagues at Cassels Brock law firm. "I am part of the movement to end violence against women because I grew up in a family where my mom experienced abuse,” explains Son when we asked why he is supporting the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s Annual Campaign to End Violence Against Women. “As a child witnessing domestic violence, this made me feel afraid, angry and helpless,” says Son who today has a young daughter of his own.

Every year, up to 362,000 children in Canada are exposed to domestic violence. Domestic violence is also more common in homes with young children than homes with older children. “Those memories stayed with me but now as an adult I'm no longer afraid, angry or helpless,” says Son. “I can make a difference now and I want to make a difference now more than ever because of my daughter.   She means the world to me and I want to know that when she grows up and goes out into the world on her own that she'll be safe.”

Violence against women is not a “woman” problem rather it is an issue that affects families and communities at large. Son is part of a growing group of individuals around the country who support the Canadian Women’s Foundation and the violence prevention programs funded across the country. “I try my best now to be a good father and a good husband, to show my daughter that the norm is for men to respect women and that men and women are equal. Participating in this movement will help spread the lessons that I'm passing onto her and to other little girls and boys as well."

As a Move for Hope participant, Son also wants to offer 3 tips that have helped him achieve and exceed his fundraising goals.

  1. Add a personal experience to the request for a donation. “I tell people that I do it for my daughter.”
  2. A personal e-mail or an in-person request are best to get people to actually donate. “When you ask someone by their name for help, I fell that it gives them a sense of empowerment.”
  3. Ask people to consider donating the money that they spend on treating themselves. For example, ask people to donate their daily coffee, a video game, pair of shoes or movie tickets.

If you are interested in joining Move for Hope across Canada on April 12th to raise awareness and funds for women and their children experiencing violence, register today or simply support a participant.

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