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Taking the Curves and Soaring Over Terra Firma

White flowers“Soaring” over difficulties in real life is the theme of my new collage (20×26” mixed media). We all have luggage or stuff we drag around in our heads and hearts that we should just off-load. Engaging in new ideas or liberties is so freeing. 

It's a feeling like no other when you take a leap to new places or spaces in life. The harbor setting is dark and the water below is murky. She is daring to fly over the city all by herself, reaching for stars and freedom from the captivity of Terra firma. She is dropping her possessions or past – as her bags fall to the water. I want to say, “try something new…no matter how small it may seem at first, you will learn about yourself and the world out there.”

Fear can keep us in the place of comfort we have established in our own minds. Start a conversation with someone, think and talk about your life. No one can limit you and your accomplishments, unless you allow it.

Not being afraid of what may be around the corner – is the idea that gave birth to my painting I call “Curves Ahead” (18×24” acrylic on paper). The Vintage Bugatti is roaring along and I hope the driver sees the sign for curves in the road!

Curves Ahead by Michelle Ellison

We just never know what is ahead and it pays to be prepared for anything. Life is always moving and we have to keep up with it. I like the dark corner here and wish I could see what is behind it. Headlights will soon be illuminating the mystery. I love to drive my car and think. (I don't have a Bugatti, but my car is red.)  When I am moving over the road, I wonder at life and always look for new outcomes, hoping that I have the power to change things for the better.  I love to challenge the future, it makes me feel alive. 

Everyone has a story and has lived through difficulties. When we stumble or struggle, we are still moving ahead in time and in personal experience. I say, “take what you have learned and turn those lemons into something new.”

Soaring by Michele Ellison

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