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Must Reads for the Week of October 17!

Newspaper This week, two International Days relating to women and girls made headlines; sexual assualt and victim blaming was once again in the news and our spirits and hearts were warmed by the stories of two amazing young girls working to change the world!

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  1. Today, October 17, is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Be sure to join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter by following the hashtag #EndPoverty
  2. To raise funds to end women’s poverty, this week the Canadian Women’s Foundation hosted our Annual Breakfast in Calgary featuring Geena Davis. Geena’s insightful speech, Mayor Nenshi’s white hat presentation and the entire event trended on Twitter in Calgary. You can read what all the excitement was about on the Calgary Herald or the Brighter Side Blog.
  3. The UN investigator’s findings have dominated local headlines declaring a crisis on Canada’s Aboriginal reserves and urging an inquiry into murdered and missing Aboriginal Women.
  4. October 11marked International Day of the Girl Child and we asked twitter what their dream was for girls in Canada and you can read some of the great answers tagged #cdngirl. Read all of the amazing conversations tagged #dayofthegirl.
  5. There was another youth rape that caused outrage online this week. In Maryville US a family was ran out of their Missouri town because their daughter had been raped. The case raised questions about whether victims can get a fair trial without having to plead their case to the national media and whether online vigilante justice campaigns are a good thing.  
  6. Unfortunately, it’s becoming all too common that every rape story is swiftly followed with an associated and deeply problematic victim blaming story. Yesterday it came from Emily Yoffe in Slate (warning: this will piss you off). But there were some great responses written that asked the real questions and challenged the rape culture promoting victim blaming sentiment. Feministing has a great piece on why this article and Yaffe's beliefs are so awful. Jezebel had a great article about how to write about rape without blaming the victim. New York Magazine focused on educating men about how drinking can influence thier actions. Another auther from Slate criticized Yaffe's article and stated that the only way to prevent rape was to focus on the rapists.  
  7. Check out this video from an extraordinary young women who poignantly explains why body image is different for women.
  8. CNN ran a terrific story about male feminists. Our favourite line: “Sexism doesn’t just hurt women, it breaks our very humanity”.
  9. Time’s article on how using sexy female avatars in video games changes women is worth a read.
  10. And we were thrilled to learn this week that young Pakistani activist, Malala Yousafzai, will become only the sixth person (and only girl) to get an honorary Canadian Citizenship!

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