COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

You Can Help End Human Trafficking

Sometimes referred to as “modern day slavery”, human trafficking is an extreme form of violence against women that exploits Canada’s most vulnerable girls and women. Traffickers can receive as much as $280,000 per year for each girl or woman they sexually exploit and force into prostitution. The younger the girl, the more money they make.

Through our consultations with 250 organizations and 150 survivors of sex trafficking we learned that many girls are 13-years-old when they are first trafficked into forced prostitution  in Canada. For years, the Canadian Women’s Foundation has funded community programs that help women and girls to escape sexual exploitation and rebuild their lives. We are taking leadership to develop a national anti-trafficking strategy with the launch of our Task force on Trafficking of Women and Girls in Canada.

It’s important that Canadians are talking about this issue. Claudia Chan is someone who is working hard to do just that. Claudia decided to make a video for her University Sociology class to spread awareness on the issue of human trafficking.  Watch and share Claudia’s video – you’ll be glad you did.

Learn how you can help to End Human Trafficking.

Human Trafficking from Claudia Chan on Vimeo.

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