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Campaign to End Violence 2018:
4 Ways You Can Take Action

Since the #MeToo Movement grabbed the headlines, many have woken up to the realities of sexual assault and harassment. While this momentum is positive, women and girls in Canada continue to face gender-based violence in many forms, including intimate partner violence. For too many women, the barriers to leaving an abusive relationship remain steep. Too many women face a heartbreaking choice between violence and poverty.

Every May, the Foundation’s Campaign to End Violence raises awareness and funds for violence prevention programs and about 450 emergency shelters across Canada. These services are crucial when it comes to ending the cycle of violence for future generations, and ensuring that survivors have the support they need to rebuild their lives.

How can you take action to support this year’s Campaign to End Violence?

SHOP: You can help raise funds by visiting any WINNERS and HomeSense store across Canada during May and buying one of the beautiful limited-edition products that they’ve produced especially for the campaign.

This year’s hats and T-shirts make great Mother’s Day gifts, and recipients will be happy to know they’re supporting a great cause. If you don’t need a hat or T-shirt, but still want to participate, you can donate at cash*. On the last weekend of May, WINNERS and HomeSense will be matching your donations!

*At-cash donations will be accepted May 1 – May 31 across Canada except for the Greater Toronto Area, where they will be accepted May 7 – June 7.


SHARE: In April 2018, the Canadian Women’s Foundation surveyed Canadians on consent in the wake of the #MeToo Movement. We found that only 28% of Canadians fully understand consent. Scroll below to see more of the survey findings and share them on social media to raise awareness of the issues.


LEARN MORE: We’ve got a long way to go when it comes to ending violence against women and girls. You can get informed by looking at our fact sheets on gender-based violence and sexual assault and harassment.


DONATE: You can also donate to support the foundation’s violence-prevention work. On the Donate page, simply choose “Out of violence” when making your donation.

Like you, we want to end gender-based violence. Thanks for supporting the campaign and spreading the word!


Canadians’ understanding of consent is declining: In 2018, only 28% fully understand consent, compared to 33% in 2015.

Half of women in Canada have felt pressured to consent to unwanted sexual activity.

Nearly half of Canadians (44%) agree that education on how to give and get consent is the most important next step in the #MeToo movement.

Only 28% of Canadians fully understand consent.

55% of young women in Canada have felt pressured to consent to unwanted sexual activity.