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Chloé DeraicheChloé Deraiche
Montréal, QC
Nominatedby:Table de concertation en violence conjugale de Montréal

Chloé Deraiche has a Bachelor’s degree in Sexology and a certificate in Law. She is the general director of Maison Flora Tristan, the first resource in Québec to offer both 1st and 2nd stage housing under the same roof. Chloé has been working with women who are the victims of domestic violence for over 18 years and has been active in developing a range of servicesto meet their needs. She has developed an expertise in post-separation domestic violence. She has also held administrativeseats on the boards of several non-profits. She is currently the president of the Alliance des maisons d’hébergementde 2e étape, a Québec provincial association, for which she has written severalreports, including thosewritten during the consultationson VCI reform and on gender equality. She regularly contributes to a variety of documents submitted to different levels of government and is an active delegate for the Alliance. Chloe is a dedicated feminist and mother of three who also gives workshops and conferences on the subjects of intervention, feminism and domestic violence.