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Delphine MelchertDelphine Melchert
Prince Albert, SK

Nominated by: Catholic Family Services of Prince Albert

Delphine has a long history of effective community mobilization and change in Prince Albert, and across Saskatchewan. For many years, Delphine was a community school coordinator, where she helped families overcome the financial, personal and institutional barriers to their child’s education. Provincially, Delphine is currently the Executive Director for the Saskatchewan Association for Community Education, (SACE). As a community developer, Delphine coordinated the launch of a school-based public safety training program for high school youth to learn hands-on experience in fire safety and emergency services. Another notable contribution of Delphine’s has been her coordination of Prince Albert’s Community Networking Coalition—where all human service organizations gather to stay abreast of one another’s services and supports. Delphine has been a major innovator in designing and implementing an award-winning supported learning program for individuals with literacy barriers to complete college-level training in child care and security studies. Delphine was recognized as: The Canadian Community Educator of the Year in 2000, The YWCA Women of Distinction for Community Enhancement in 2003, Winner of the ABC LifeLiteracy Canadian Award for Innovation in Adult Literacy Programming 2013-14 and the Winner of the Saskatchewan Literacy Network Award of Excellence in Adult Literacy Programming 2015-16.