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Equal Pay Day 2019 in Canada

Time is money, right? But there’s a catch: when you do the math, women’s time doesn’t work out to the same amount of money as men’s.

On average, women in Canada have worked 3.5 months into 2019 to earn what men earned by the end of 2018. That’s why April 9 is Equal Pay Day.

The gender pay gap persists in Canada, meaning that full-time working women earn less than men. And the gap is about more than gender, because it’s worse for women who are racialized, Indigenous, living with a disability, or newcomers to Canada.

Want to take action on Equal Pay Day in Canada?
Here are 5 ways to raise awareness and get involved:

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The gender pay gap sparks a lot of debate, and you can help to address misconceptions about it by sharing a series of “No Fair Facts.”
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LET AUTO-RESPOND DO THE TALKING: Set up your email's auto-respond to spread the word about Equal Pay DayRaise awareness about Equal Pay Day among your personal and professional networks by setting up your email up to auto-respond with the following message and resources on Equal Pay Day:

Hello! I’m observing Equal Pay Day today.

Why? Because, on average, women in Canada have worked until Apr. 9, 2019, to earn what men earned by Dec. 31, 2018. That’s 3.5 months more work.

You know what else? While full-time working women in Canada face a 25% gender pay gap on average, the gap is worse for women who face multiple forms of discrimination. According to Statistics Canada:

  • Indigenous women face a 35% gender pay gap
  • Women with disabilities (who work part time and full time) face a 46% gender pay gap
  • Newcomer women face a 29% gender pay gap
  • Racialized women face a 33% gender pay gap

I hope you’ll join me by pasting this into your email’s auto-responder or email signature right now.

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On Equal Pay Day, we can learn and share the facts about why the gender pay gap existsFind out more about the gender pay gap, why it exists, how it impacts women’s earning potential, and what steps are being taken to address it.


SEND A LETTER TO YOUR MPP: Set up your email's auto-respond to spread the word about Equal Pay DayInstead of politely “minding the gap”, why don’t we get it fixed? Sign this letter to urge your MPP to take action on issues including:

    • Pay transparency
    • Affordable, accessible childcare
    • Increased minimum wage
    • Equitable workplace policies and practices


The gender pay gap is a contributing factor to
some Woman works in skilled trades, one of the many programs supported by the Canadian Women's Foundationwomen’s financial instability and reduces long-term earning capacity.

When you donate to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, you support economic development programs that empower women move themselves out of poverty and gain financial independence by starting their own businesses, learning a skilled trade, or developing their work skills.