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Geneviève Lessard
Geneviève Lessard
Québec, QC    
Nominated by: Table de concertation en violence conjugale de Montréal

Geneviève Lessard, Ph.D is a full professor at the École de travail social et de criminologie at Université Laval. She also co-directa research team partnership entitled Violence conjugale: acteurs en contexte et pratiques novatrices. She is internationally recognized for her work on domestic violence, one of the forms of abuse most frequently reported by child protective services and which can seriously affect child development. Her research, done in close collaboration with a number of fields of practice, has allowed for the development of innovative prevention and intervention tools that can help reinforce protective factors and change the life paths of children affected by violence. She is also interested in maternity and paternity in the context of domestic violence, the co-committal of domestic and other forms of family violence, and coordination practices between the various relevant resources. She has published several articles in nationally and internationally recognized scientific publications and given many conferences to a diversity of audiences including at universities and for different fields of practice.