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Gillian Kernaghan
London, ON

Nominated by: Canadian College of Health Leaders CHLNET

Dr. Kernaghan was appointed the President and Chief Executive Officer of St. Joseph’s Health Care, London in 2010. St Joseph’s is a multi-sited academic health organization serving London and region. It provides acute, ambulatory, rehabilitation, palliative, complex continuing mental health, primary and long-term care. Prior to assuming this role, she served for 17 years as the Vice President, Medical for various hospitals in London. In 1984, Dr. Kernaghan joined the medical staff of St. Joseph’s, Parkwood Hospital and LHSC as a family physician. She completed her residency at St. Joseph’s Hospital in 1984 upon graduation from University of Western Ontario and was awarded her Fellowship in 2000. During her early years of practice, Dr. Kernaghan together with other female physicians coordinated social and educational sessions for female physicians in London. This led to the establishment of a Women in Medicine section of the London and District Academy of Medicine. She is very committed to the importance of physicians preparing for leadership and stepping up to contribute to the advancement and transformation of the health care system. As such, Dr. Kernaghan served on the Board of the Canadian Society of Physician Executives (CSPE) and was President from 2010 to 2012.