COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic
Image of forest in winter with statement: "Women and girls are facing a heightened risk of violence"


As we’re faced with a second wave of the pandemic and increasing public health measures into the holidays, thousands of women and girls face a heightened risk of gender-based violence. The situation is urgent.

Reaching out for help can be difficult and dangerous. And when people living with abuse can reach out, they may find that their local services are over-stretched in trying to meet heightened community needs.

We need to act now.

This holiday season, donate to ensure women and girls experiencing violence can access the programs and services they urgently need to get help now and rebuild their lives after violence. Your gift will support violence intervention and prevention efforts in every region of Canada, including:

  • Emergency and second-stage shelters for women and their children escaping violent homes
  • Sexual assault response and care
  • Legal information and court support
  • Programs for children who have witnessed violence in the home
  • Counselling and safety planning
  • Prevention efforts to stop the cycle of violence before it starts through healthy relationship programs for young people of all genders

Every gift will help and every dollar counts. Thank you for your support at this critical time!