COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic
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Jaime Worden
Saint John, NB
Nominated by: Saint John Women’s Empowerment Network

Born and raised in New Brunswick, Jaime has spent most of her life as a single mother, raising five amazing children. She has accomplished many things, but not without her fair share of struggles. In Grade Nine she found out she was dyslexic and pregnant, but this news didn’t stop her from completing high school with her peers. Since high school she has moved out west and home again, got married, and separated, became an electrical apprentice and put her career on hold in order to dedicate more time to her family. In recent years she has completed a number of programs from self esteem to leadership training, as well as a program designed to build community capacity, where she led a team to implement a change in her neighborhood and then went on to help coordinate the program and make it better. Jamie is now in the early stages of developing her own programs to help her community.