COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic
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Katja SmedslundKatja Smedslund
Montréal, QC
Nominated by: Table de concertation en violence conjugale de Montréal

I have a Doctorate in Contemporary and Political History from the Université de la Nouvelle SorbonneParis and have been studying issues of violence against women since 2002. I have published several articles and have completed several research projects on the subject. When I arrived in Montreal in 2010, I completed a post-doctorate degree on domestic violence against sponsored immigrant women at Cri-Viff, Université de Montréal. I went on to work in the community sector doing project and research coordination as well as training. Besides my research focused on domestic violence, I also edited a collection of articles on responsibilitand the different faces of violence against women (sexual and domestic violence, honour crimes, forced marriages, and so on), which was published by PUQ in 2014. I have also taught university and college level courses on domestic and sexual violence. I acurrently the Project Coordinator at the Table de concertation en violence conjugale de Montréal for a project funded by Status of Women Canada entitled Pratiques concertées pour optimiser la sécurité des femmes, victimes de violence conjugale et de leurs enfants.



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