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Linda Coates
Vancouver, BC
Nominated by: Rise Women’s Legal Centre

Linda Coates, Ph.D., is a Professor in the Dept. of Psychology, Okanagan College. Linda is a consultant and researcher and focuses on addressing violence and social injustice, broadly defined. Linda is particularly interested in social responses to violence and has investigated responses by the helping professions (e.g., therapists and psychologists), legal professions (police, prosecutors, defence council, judges), and the media. She is currently working with Kim Hawkins (Rise Women’s Legal Centre) investigating custody and access reports and other aspects of family law.

Linda has critiqued the language used to represent victims and perpetrators of violence and developed several key concepts in representing social interaction, including violent interaction accurately. Together with Allan Wade, Linda developed Response-Based Practice, which is a theoretical framework for understanding human behavior. Response-Based Practice has been extensively applied nationally and internationally in contexts where people are experiencing adversity, especially violence. Linda and colleagues at the Centre for Response-Based Practice work with many organizations in Canada and internationally to improve institutional and professional responses in cases of violence.