COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic
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Annie Chau
Antigonish, NS
Nominated by: Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre

Annie Chau is a feminist with experience in women’s equality and community development work, specifically sexual violence response and prevention. Annie has worked for the Sexual Assault Centre Kingston in Ontario and was a Canadian delegate for a youth-led international stop violence against women initiative. Annie has coordinated Status of Women Canada projects for the Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre in Nova Scotia – Responding to and Preventing Sexual Violence in Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation and Preventing Violence against Women at St. Francis Xavier University. She developed and implemented innovative models and programs as a result of these projects – a Mi’kmaw community engagement toolkit on sexual violence and a pro-social bystander intervention program. She is currently coordinating a new project, Advancing Women’s Equality: Partnering to Transform the Context and End Sexualized Violence. This project aims to make systemic and cultural change within and across the public schools, post-secondary campuses, and Indigenous communities in rural, northeastern Nova Scotia. She is completing her Master’s Degree in Adult Education exploring the ways, both common and different, that Indigenous women and immigrant women of colour learn about and resist against oppressions of racism, sexism and colonialism to inform critical pedagogy, feminism, allyship, and decolonization.