COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic
woman sitting on a bench with a tool belt

Ashley Milbury
Vancouver, British Columbia

Minerva BC

Throughout her educational, work, and volunteer history, Ashley’s purpose has been to improve the conditions of women’s lives. She is proud to contribute to this work as Minerva BC’s Youth Programs Manager. Originally from Nova Scotia, she completed her Masters of English at Concordia University in Montreal. After moving to Vancouver, Ashley worked in a transition house and answered calls to a 24-hour crisis line for women escaping male violence. It was from this experience that she owes her greatest feminist education and commitment to working within the independent women’s movement. Like many who share this land, Ashley is in the process of Reconciliation and is excited to learn more about Indigenous culture and ways of knowing. She gets the most satisfaction from empathetic listening and supporting others to reach their goals. Ashley operates from a place of values-based leadership and brings a strong sense of her values to all that she does. She is most effective when working toward something she is passionate about and is grateful to do this every day with Minerva’s Indigenous Roots and Learning to Lead programs. Ashley cares deeply about emboldening the next generation of women leaders to find their voice and use it!