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Becka Viau
Charlottetown, PEI
Nominated by: Women’s Network PEI

Becka Viau, BFA, MFA, MSM, is an artistic leader in Prince Edward Island, celebrated for her capacity to manage multi venue and interdisciplinary events, engage various levels of government through fundraising and partnerships. She pushes the boundaries of artists as manager and thrives in the role of a multi-disciplinary festival artistic director. She has extensive experience managing and coordinating multi-venue evens including, but not limited to, Art in the Open, Reading Town PEI, PEI FEST, the Island Literary Awards and the ECMA Community Linkages Program. Her collaborative approach is key to her successes and her ability to build focused teams and reach varied audiences allows her to communicate across a broad funding base. Specializing in multi-disciplinary program and event development, she has created and lead teams as a curator, educator, project manager/coordinator and artistic director of arts collectives, artist run non-profit organizations and contemporary art festival and events. Becky Viau believes in the social impact of connecting people to and fostering the creation and dissemination of a high standard of contemporary art and critical discourse. The form of the artwork Becka produces generally appeals to a popular audience while critically exploring the institutions that govern human life.