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Bonnie Jeffery
Prince Albert, SK
Nominated by: Catholic Family Services of Prince Albert

Bonnie is well-known not only in Prince Albert, but throughout Saskatchewan, as a solid academic and community-engaged scholar. As a professor of social work for over 30 years, Bonnie has created rich learning experiences for hundreds of students throughout the province. Outside of the classroom, she has published articles and book chapters on a wide range of topics related to improving community health, safety and general well-being. Much of her expertise lies in the areas of family violence, Indigenous health, and the vulnerability of rural and isolated older adults. Much of her work involves helping community organizations develop understanding and capacity to better meet the dynamic needs of the clients they serve. Over the years, Bonnie has either led or been a part of over $12 million in research and evaluation projects geared towards improving our understanding of and solutions to community health and well-being. Bonnie has a variety of research, teaching and community-engaged experiences in gender equality. In addition to her position with the Faculty of Social Work (University of Regina) she is a Researcher with the Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit.