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Chantell BarkerChantell Barker
Winnipeg, MB
Nominated by: Southern Chiefs Organization

Chantell is a First Nation woman from Sapotoweyak Cree Nation and her spirit name is Geetchi Nodin Ikwe. Chantell’s educational background is in Restorative Justice and Conflict Resolution. Prior to her current position as the Community Justice Development Coordinator, she was the Executive Director of Elizabeth Fry Society of Manitoba. Chantell was also employed with Manitoba Justice for ten years as a Probation Officer until she transitioned into program development and facilitation. During her time with Manitoba Justice, she developed the first recognized and court mandated Cultural Appropriate Program which is facilitated in all Correctional and Youth Centres, as well as Probation Offices across Manitoba. In 2016, Chantell participated in a National Web Cast hosted by Justice Canada regarding Indigenous Programming for Youth in Canada. Chantell’s work is recognized nationally as an evidence-informed program. Chantell attended and participated on a panel at the United Nations in March of 2018 regarding the over representation of Indigenous Women incarcerated in Canada. As the Community Justice Development Coordinator, Chantell strives to bring passion and a vision that restores balance and harmony within the First Nation communities she serves.