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Newcomer Youth & Healthy Relationships

Sexuality Education Resource Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Newcomer Youth & Healthy Relationships offers a co-ed, school-based healthy relationships program targeted to newcomer refugee youth aged 12-17. Project partners include two inner-city schools in Winnipeg and the innovative Peaceful Village Program, which provides after-school supports for newcomer youth and families. The program offers 12 weekly educational workshops on healthy relationships. Graduates can then attend 10 workshops to develop peer-led projects which they present to classmates. Parents of participants receive three presentations yearly to help build their trust and support for youth involved. The program also helps families negotiate their roles in their community by supporting youth who are often put in the position of cultural translator for their families. Following Year One, a multi-generational group of daughters, mothers, and grandmothers is starting to build solidarity for violence prevention in families and the community. An advisory committee, including partners and youth representatives, guides the project.
Grant amount: $20,833

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