COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic
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Rosalind LockyerRosalind Lockyer
Thunder Bay, ON        
Nominated by: PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise

Rosalind Lockyer has dedicated her lifetime towards supporting gender equality and building sustainable livelihoods for thousands of women ‘who need it most’. Important to her role as founder of PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise and co-founder of the national group, the Women’s Economic Council (WEC) is supporting women who are disadvantaged by the intersectionality of poverty, race, sexism, ageism, and disability. She also shares her experience to assist women’s organizations develop effective solutions and sustainable strategies. As a social entrepreneur, she has assisted management of enterprises, whether non-profit, private business or professional sector organizations with strategic planning, project and organization management, fund and policy development, evaluation, human resources, leadership, social enterprise, and business development and public relations. Recognized for her notable efforts in building PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise, working with diverse populations, especially those most challenged, such as Indigenous people, people with disabilities, seniors and youth at risk with particular emphasis on women, Rosalind was called “one of the most remarkable social entrepreneurs in the world” by the Office of Social Enterprise, MEDEI, Ontario government, and received the International Award for Women of the Decade in Community Leadership, from the Women’s Economic Forum18 in New Delhi, India.