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Shawnee Harle
Vernon, BC
Nominated by: Coaching Association of Canada

Shawnee is a two-time Olympian as an Assistant Coach for the Canadian Women’s Basketball Team and is the most highly certified basketball coach in Canada. She has 25 years of elite coaching and leadership experience including the Olympic Games, World Championships, FIBA Americas and World University Games. Shawnee holds a Master’s Degree in Coaching Studies, and she is also a Master Learning Facilitator for the National Coaching Certification Program where she trains and mentors both advanced and novice coaches from all sports. Sport, just like life, is tough. It is full of problems, frustrations and disappointments and Shawnee’s Mental Toughness Training is helping athletes, coaches and parents from all sports learn to understand and tackle these problems. Mental Toughness – How Champions are Built is not only impacting results, but more importantly, changing lives. Since winning matters not only in sport but also in business, Shawnee has become a sought after corporate coach, leadership coach, life coach, and motivational speaker. Her vast experience in the elite world of sport transfers directly to the boardroom where success is talent oriented and people driven. She is currently training corporate managers to become wise and insightful while leading their team to winning results.