New Podcast Series on Responding to Gender-based Violence 

Are you interested in sharing your experience as:
                    -an expert in gender-based violence prevention
                    -survivor with lived experience who openly shares their story (e.g. has shared their story publicly/with media and/or is advocating on the issue)
                    -someone who provided personal support to a survivor that openly shares their story?

The Canadian Women’s Foundation is working with award-winning women journalists Media Girlfriends to create a new podcast on how everyday people can better support survivors of gender-based violence.

Sixty four per cent of people in Canada know a woman who has experienced physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, but only 19% feel confident that they know supportive things to say to someone experiencing abuse.

Many people recognize that gender-based violence is a problem, and want to support survivors in their lives, but there’s a lot of stigma and silence around gender-based violence in our society: too many people who experience abuse are shamed, silenced, and stigmatized, and too many people don’t feel confident and competent in supporting them.

As part of the Signal for Help Responder Campaign, we are launching a new podcast series to help shift this culture of stigma and silence around gender-based violence to one of judgement-free, survivor-led support. Through interviews with diverse experts on gender-based violence, people with lived experience of abuse, and people who have supported them, the podcast series will explore how we can all meaningfully support people who have experienced abuse: through validation, active listening, and a survivor-led approach.

Interviews will be done in a safe, respectful, and ethical way, following trauma-informed approaches to storytelling. We don’t need to publish your real name nor do you need to give personal details about yourself.

Interviewees will be offered a $250 honorarium for their time.

If you are interested in being interviewed for the podcast to share your experience as an expert in the field, someone with lived experience, or someone who has provided support: sign up below and we’ll be in touch with you to share more details.

Thank you!

The Canadian Women’s Foundation and Media Girlfriends

Podcast form

For those with lived experience: if you are comfortable doing so, please let us know where you have publicly shared your experience (e.g. in media, in a book, at a speaking event). Check all that apply:
This podcast seeks to highlight the intersectional barriers faced by women and gender-diverse people who have experienced gender-based violence. Which of the following categories apply to you personally, or to the clients which your organization serves – please check all that apply:(Required)

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