COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Stephanie’s Story

Plants cultivated at Operation Grow, which receives funding from Canadian Women's Foundation

“It motivates you to do better for yourself.”

After struggling to find work, Stephanie now thrives at Operation Grow, a hydroponic farm that receives funding from the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Through this social enterprise program, women who have experienced poverty, abuse, and trauma cultivate new skills and build stronger financial futures.


Sylvie’s Story

Techwomen is a program funded by the Canadian Women's Foundation

“It’s so important to have these programs for newcomers, just to explore the possibilities and to make connections in a new country.”

After growing up as a refugee, Sylvie came to Canada for a better future. The TechWomen program helped her build on her skills and secure a job.
“It gave me exactly what I needed.”


Summer’s Story

Girls programs across Canada are funded by the Canadian Women's Foundation

“I carry myself much stronger as a woman than I did before … I don’t know where I would be without the programs at the girls’ centre.”

Summer started attending girls’ programs funded by the Canadian Women’s Foundation when she was nine — and just kept going back. Now that she’s 19, she’s helping younger girls connect with Indigenous history and culture.


Ineha’s Story

Ineha found work after participating in a program funded by the Canadian Women's Foundation

“The program truly changed my life and this is just the beginning of a new road ahead.”

Ineha left behind everything she knew for a better life in Canada. While struggling with homesickness and self-doubt, she applied to a Women in Technology program funded by the Canadian Women’s Foundation.


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