COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Sofia’s Story

Mother and child walking

“I didn’t want my son growing up in this environment.”

After leaving an abusive relationship, Sofia* didn’t know how she and her young son would move forward. With the support of a women’s shelter, she began taking the first steps toward a brighter future.


Lea’s Story

Image of girl sitting with friends

“The program gives girls opportunities that are hard to find anywhere else.”

In the Juste Pour Elles program, Lea* learned about many social issues facing girls in her community; then she learned how girls could work together to help change them.


Jolie’s Story

Image of Jolie, participant in an economic development program supported by the Canadian Women's Foundation

“Not only did the program help me to get a job, it improved my quality of life and totally changed the way I see things.”

As a newcomer to Canada, Jolie faced many barriers to finding work. But through a Women in Technology program, she got the training she needed to start a new career in IT.


Nicole’s Story

Image of Nicole, graduate of a self-employment program funded by the Canadian Women's Foundation

“I got to a place where I said: ‘I don’t want this kind of life anymore.’ ”

By enrolling in a self-employment program funded by the Canadian Women’s Foundation, Nicole developed the skills she needed to realize her dream of starting a business.


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