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Syeda Yesmin
Scarborough, ON

Nominated by: Costi Immigrant Services/South Asian Women’s Rights Organization

Syeda Yesmin completed a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Philosophy in 1990 from Bangladesh. After landing in Canada, Syeda began working at fast food sector and Long Term Care as a food service worker. Ms. Yesmin is on the Board of Directors as well as the Member Secretary of South Asian Women’s Rights Organization (SAWRO) since 2008. Syeda has been active in all the projects and programs SAWRO has operated. Ms. Yesmin is also a leader in another organizing initiative of the community women, establishing a community chapter Unifor East Danforth Community Chapter (EDCC) of the national union Unifor. Community chapter is a new kind of unionism being developed by Unifor to provide a means of collective action for people working at precarious jobs who can’t form a traditional union. Earlier this year the Unifor East Danforth Community Chapter (EDCC) was chartered by Unifor and the members elected Syeda Yesmin as its first President. Her role as Unifor EDCC President, has given Syeda the opportunity to begin gaining leadership capacity beyond the community. She was invited to address the National Convention of Unifor in Ottawa 2017 which was celebrating the creation of the Unifor EDCC.