Five years ago, millions of people around the world shared their stories of pain and outrage using the #MeToo hashtag, based on Founder and Advocate Tarana Burke’s work.

It galvanized a small group of women in Canada, mostly in the performing arts, to start organizing. They didn’t want energy around #MeToo to simply dissipate. Their efforts resulted in the formation of the charity, Aftermetoo.

After years of careful development, Aftermetoo has launched its new website,, a comprehensive informational resource for people facing sexual harassment at work in Canada. The website uses clear, plain, and accessible language to help people figure out answers to common questions they may have, such as:

Those who face harassment also have a lot of questions and concerns about mental health, so the site also addresses questions like these:

The website is in English and French. It’s clear, understandable, and accessible. It’s been written in a way to reduce harm and triggering for those dealing with abuse and violence.

Aftermetoo may be helpful to many people, so please share the link widely. If you want material to help you share it, email and they can help you.

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