COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Resources for Ending Anti-Black Racism

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These resources on anti-Black racism in Canada and misogynoir are particularly helpful for non-Black people to educate themselves and share with others.


Gaslighting: How to Recognize this Form of Emotional Abuse

A woman looks sadly out a window.

There are many indications that gender-based violence has risen since the pandemic began, and it’s not just physical abuse. Something like gaslighting may not leave visible bruises but it can be a common form of emotional abuse to be aware of, particularly as pandemic isolation measures continue. 


Survey Says: Women’s Services Need Support as we Emerge From COVID-19 Pandemic

Infographic showing survey results

In March, the Foundation invited service providers who focus on women, girls, and trans, and non-binary people to take a survey about the pandemic’s impact. Almost 120 responses came in from throughout the country, revealing the scope of the new challenges and concerns these services and their communities face.


COVID-19 Pandemic Puts Sexual Assault Centres on Edge

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After almost two months of COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, staff members at some sexual assault centres in Canada are worried – and bracing for crisis calls to skyrocket.


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