Partnering for Feminist Entrepreneurship

Partnering for Feminist Entrepreneurship, funded by Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Strategy, is an award-winning national project that supports women and gender diverse entrepreneurs. In collaboration with seven partner organizations from across Canada, we provide education, training, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Together, we are working to address systemic barriers that impede the success of diverse entrepreneurs.

Canadian Women's Entrepreneurship Gala 2024The Canadian Women’s Foundation won a 2024 Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award in the category of Community – Women’s Health and Well-Being for this project.


Feminist Business Summit
Winnipeg, November 29-30, 2023

The Feminist Business Summit was a two-day gathering that brought together 40 women and gender-diverse entrepreneurs at all stages of business development and representatives from community organizations that support them. Participants had the opportunity to learn about feminist entrepreneurship and how to implement feminist values into their businesses, as well as network and make meaningful connections with entrepreneurs from across Canada.

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Small Business Week Webinar Series (co-hosted with In Good Company)
October, 2023

Closing the Gender Gap in Financing for SMEs in Canada
What do women and gender-diverse business owners need to build, grow, and sustain their businesses? Learn from experts about why investing in small businesses owned and operated by women and gender-diverse people is a winning strategy, the challenges these entrepreneurs face when seeking access to existing funding sources, and the benefits of blended funding models in overcoming those barriers.

Feminist Entrepreneurs: Leading Change in Canada’s Small Business Ecosystem
What steps are women and gender-diverse entrepreneurs taking to infuse their businesses with feminist values, and how can small business owners apply feminist practices in their workplaces? Hear from entrepreneurs, business leaders, and educators and learn about the challenges and opportunities that they experienced while building, growing, and scaling their feminist small business in Canada.

How to Build Your Feminist Business Identity
Feminist businesses prioritize people and the planet while working to create opportunities for women and gender-diverse people, meet community needs, fill gaps in products and services, and promote diversity and social change. This workshop, facilitated by Shaleen Ratansi (Founder & CEO, Aiya, aiyA), provided guidance on establishing a brand that reflects feminist values and speaks to the benefits of this business approach.

Partnering for Feminist Entrepreneurship is funded by the Government of Canada’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Strategy.

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