COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

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you’re supporting the Canadian Women’s Foundation.
Whether you’re treating yourself or looking for an extra-special gift,
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With the belief that everyone deserves the best care, Utiva makes natural, backed-by-science UTI prevention supplements that are recommended by specialists across Canada. As part of its advocacy for well-being, Utiva donates a percentage of Canadian website sales to the Canadian Women’s Foundation to help move women and girls out of violence, out of poverty, and into confidence and leadership.



After Mary Miranda lost her husband, she turned her passion for making jewellery into a business to honour the wonderful life she built with her husband and to help women and children in need. Her handcrafted jewellery is made from beautiful gemstones, beads, crystals, stones and pearls. Supporting women and girls is important to HeartBeadJewels and for every item purchased, it is proud to donate $2 to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.




NOPAULAGIES delivers messages of empowerment between the letters. HER – THE NEW ORDER acknowledges the current women’s movement and those who helped pave the way. $5 from HER Specialtee’s supports the Canadian Women’s Foundation.



JAC+JO is made for women, by women. The industrial inspiration of nuts, bolts, cogs, daggers and arrows are symbols to represent the strength of all women. To support our mission, 2% of all Canadian sales will be donated to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.


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Evio Beauty Group

$1 from the sale of every Evio Beauty Group product will be donated to the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Evio Beauty Group’s mission is to break stigmas and create a more conscious future. We believe in the positive impact that thoughtful, conscious choices have on our skin, our planet, and our community. That’s why our ingredients are natural and good for your skin, with all items under $30.


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Delane Studio

Inspired by a delicate flower that thrives in difficult conditions, the See the Light jewelry line was designed by Delane Cooper exclusively for the Canadian Women’s Foundation. The matching earrings, pendant and bracelet feature the Mountain Aven flower, which was chosen for its resilience and the white pearl is a reminder to walk with dignity.


shop item hilary druxman necklace

Hilary Druxman

Make a statement with this sterling-silver necklace, custom designed to support the Foundation’s annual Campaign to End Violence. One hundred per cent of the net proceeds from each necklace go to our Violence Prevention fund, which supports shelters and programs that help to break the cycle of violence.


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A Life in Bloom

A Life in Bloom is a down-to-earth women’s guide to building a successful financial future. Co-authored by Vancouver-based Wealth Advisors Nancy Farran and Justin Dyer, the book introduces financial concepts from a Canadian standpoint and helps people make the most of their money. Proceeds from the books purchased on will be donated to the Foundation to support financial literacy.