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Simons image


In honour of International Women’s Day, Simons has designed four T-shirts featuring compelling prints inspired by what makes women unique and what brings them together. For every T-shirt sold, $10 will be donated to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Cleo image


Cleo is a Canadian women’s fashion retailer that believes in connecting and inspiring women. In support of the Canadian Women’s Foundation, we created the Tenacity Tote—crafted from sustainable cotton, symbolizing resilience and strength. Net proceeds from the purchase of every tote are donated to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Being Human image

The Honest Mom Journal

The Honest Mom Journal: The Struggling Mom’s Guide to Struggling Less is a guided journal created by Libby Ward of @diaryofanhonestmom. It is a powerful and practical tool that helps moms to set realistic expectations, fight guilt and negative self- talk, improve self-compassion and self-awareness and just feel better in motherhood. It has helped thousands of moms to realize they are doing so much better than they give themselves credit for.

Being Human image

Being Human

Being Human clothing brand by Salman Khan, famous Indian actor, is licensed by his Being Human Foundation established in 2007. Profits fund underprivileged communities’ education and healthcare. Each garment allows customer contributions for social impact, shaping lives through education, saving lives through healthcare. It embodies love, care, hope, help, joy. 3% of all proceeds will go to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Image displays Mennillo's matching sports bra and leggings


Mennillo is a 100% women-owned and operated company based in Montreal specialized in high-quality gym wear, swimwear and more. Our main focus is to design products to make women feel comfortable and empowered. For every order of our very first gym wear collection, 2$ will be donated to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Image displays ba&sh's Women are Fundamental t-shirt.


Ba&sh is a Parisian fashion brand founded by women, for women. This IWD, we’re proud to partner with Canadian Women’s Foundation to continue ba&sh’s core value of championing and supporting women around the world. 100% of profits from our CAN t-shirt sales will be donated to Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Pomp and Sass towels in blue, pink and green

Pomp & Sass

Spa-quality woven towels are absorbent, soft and fast to dry. Use them in the home or on the beach as a towel sarong or light blanket. The XL body towel folds small enough to fit 15 into a single dresser drawer. $5 from each sale will be donated to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.
Lily Lou shows some of the scented products she sells, with part of proceeds going to the Canadian Women's Foundation

Lily Lou’s Aromas

Lily Lou, who is almost nine, is the proud owner and CEO of her own business, LilyLou’s Aromas. What started as a learning experiment for math and other homeschooling lessons is now flourishing as a full-time small business less than 2 years later. Already an advocate, Lily has committed to donating 5% of her profits to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Image of OVRY's pregnancy and ovulation tests


Manufactured in Canada, Ovry products contain several tests per box. Our “strip format” tests are just as quick and accurate while being small, discreet, and using 90% less single-use plastic than most expensive brand names. We want to use our resources—our voice, our business and our community—to support causes that make the world a better place. A portion of every Ovry sale gets donated to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Image of the Amethyst Bracelet by Pret-A-Porter Jewels

Pret-A-Porter Jewels

The creation of Pret-A-Porter Jewels’ amethyst bracelet was inspired by the owner Lori’s daughter, who found the courage to escape a violent and abusive relationship in 2018 and wanted to give back to the communities that supported her. 100% of the profits from this bracelet are donated to the Canadian Women’s Foundation to help those who have experienced gender-based violence.

Display of scarves Migalle sells


Migalle was founded on the belief that beauty is everywhere. The geometry of nature, the ephemera of found images, and the minutiae of everyday life reveal textures and forms. Migalle’s mission is to reveal beauty in these unlikely places, transform it into wearable forms of decoration, comfort and self-expression, and return the value this generates to the community by donating $5 from every purchase to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Three women wearing JNATNG clothing


JNATNG’s Forward Basics collection is a series of slow, elevated essentials designed to celebrate, empower and give back to women through intentional design, ethical production, inclusivity and collaboration. Created with quality, comfort and style in mind, they are premium basics that are chic, timeless, versatile and effortless. For every Forward Collection item purchased, 10% of the proceeds from each item sold will go to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.
Image of Sitti Soap products

Sitti Soap

Sitti Soap is a Canadian social enterprise working to empower refugee women in the Middle East with long-term employment opportunities and skills that are developed through making olive oil soap and other products. Sitti, which translates to “my grandmother” in Arabic, has received funding from the Canadian Women’s Foundation to build their market in Canada while training and employing refugee women here.
Image of Yukon Soaps featuring bead work

The Yukon Soaps Company

Indigenous owned and operated, The Yukon Soaps Company creates beautiful, hand-crafted soaps, shampoo bars, and more. Infused with wild rose petals, juniper berries, and a Yukon-shaped press, they are literally imprinted with the spirit of the Yukon. The company was founded by a participant in EntrepreNorth, which empowers Indigenous and community-based businesses across Northern Canada. The program has received funding from the Canadian Women’s Foundation.
Dene Roots product image

Dene Roots

Dene Roots aims to promote Dene science through the creation of products rooted in ancestral teachings, culture, and language. In the spirit of traditional smudge rituals, the sprays help to ground, balance, protect, and purify. The Northwest Territories-based company was started by Misty Ireland, a participant of EntrepreNorth, an organization which empowers Indigenous and community-based businesses across Northern Canada. The program has received funding from the Canadian Women’s Foundation.