Our Work

You don’t believe in taking a Band-Aid approach to solving problems and neither do we.

That’s why the Canadian Women’s Foundation focuses on the most critical challenges facing women and girls, and invests in the most effective solutions for long-term change.

With your support, we approach our mission holistically—from women and girls in communities across the country right up to the federal government level.

When you support the Foundation, you support:

Transforming Lives Across Canada

The Foundation funds programs in the following issue areas:

  • Out of Violence: Like you, we want all women and girls to live free of violence.
  • Out of Poverty: Like you, we want women living on low incomes to have opportunities to move themselves out of poverty
  • Empower Girls: Like you, we want all girls to believe in themselves and realize they matter.
  • Inclusive Leadership: Like you, we want all women and girls to realize their potential for leadership.

What’s different about our approach?

These programs are designed for and by the women and girls who need them most. The Foundation understands that many women and girls face multiple barriers— including geographic area, culture, race, citizenship status, and ability—to accessing resources and support when it comes to issues like violence and poverty.

We prioritize programs that address such barriers, and that are tailored to the specific needs of local communities.

Strengthening the Sector:

It takes strong community organizations and dedicated service providers to deliver programs that change lives. Yet, these organizations often operate on shoestring budgets with few resources.

With your support, the Canadian Women’s Foundation provides organizations with one to five years of funding, which helps to retain staff, evaluate programs, and improve long-term outcomes.

We also bring grantee organizations and sector experts together to network, discuss emerging issues, coordinate services, and work together toward long-term solutions. Sector Resources and Webinars

Advancing Gender Equality:

The Foundation contributes to provincial and national strategies and policy-making on issues including: violence against women, anti-trafficking, teen healthy relationships, the leadership of girls and women, and economic development of women across the country.

The Foundation believes in advancing gender equality across Canada through supporting the organizations working on the issues. That’s why we bring people together on special projects and movements in areas including the field of teen healthy relationships, mentoring girls, and overall gender equality across Canada. Special Projects

Your impact

Now I’m able to buy food, pay bills and take care of myself.


I learned that to be a girl is special. I’m not only a girl—I’m a girl who has the power to change the world.


The Leadership Institute gave me the opportunity to connect with women leaders from across Canada.